Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 2010 Update

Three Trails Ranch – Progress Report
January 20, 2010
   The Great Commission Training ranch continues to become a reality in spite of the snow and cold. We work outside on good days and inside on stormy days. In the last two months, most of the work has been focused on the Hotel and the Main Lodge (Staff House). We have now been through 5 or 6 successful code inspections.
  • At the Staff House, all the concrete work has been done for the overhead deck and third floor egress walkways, which will be built later this winter. This week, the structural and plumbing inspection has allowed for the drywall and insulation crews to begin today on the third floor. On the bottom floor, we are finishing the large utility room with aspen paneling which we hope to use in more places. We are also in the process of trying to get a solar grant so that we can install solar heating and hot water.  But I need help in writing the solar grants.
  • At the Hotel, the north and part of the east foundational walls have been replaced with solid concrete walls, drainage pipe installed below the concrete cap on the east side. This week, all the framing and part of the decking was completed on the walkways and overhead porches. Next week, under the large crawl space, the two 88 foot floor joices will be sistered together, leveled, and then two pony walls will be installed on concrete footers that will level the floor. As Jerry, the inspector commented, “ You guys are bringing the Hotel back from the dead.”
  • We are also getting the details and drawings worked out with allthe infrastructure (new electrical service, water system, septic system) that needs to be installed in May. There will be a lot of ditches going to and from all the buildings.
  • The Bunk House, which can sleep 64 has been cleaned out, new larger bathrooms to be added, new trusses and roof and other structural issues will be taken care of before spring.
   We continue to hear from other ministries that want to use the Ranch for its intended Great Commission purpose. Within the scope of MPM, we are brainstorming on the types of conferences and retreats that we would like to conduct to stimulate others to become spiritual multipliers.
   Please continue to pray that God’s will shall take place in the building and operation of Three Trails Ranch. We expect it to be a great place of spiritual transformation and training for the Great Commission of Christ, Matt. 28:18-20
Sincerely in Christ,
Russ Akins 

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