Thursday, January 26, 2012

April 2009 Update

Dear Everyone, 

1. We have come up with a new name for the place: Three Trails Ranch, which has a hidden meaning and has a western sound. The hidden meaning is all about spiritual transformation which is the internal spiritual purpose of the place. Everyone will come to the ranch riding on one of three trails (in life). The first trail is the basic non-Christian trail looking for answers, the second trail is the defeated Christian walking in the flesh and really needs get to the third trail, which is the Christian that is growing and bearing fruit and seeing Christ live His life supernaturally through him. What do you think?

2. The Appraisal should be done this week.

3. Roy Brown, who wants to do the septic work wants to go up and see the place this week.

4. Gabe and Darrin who worked on the place along with Dave and myself hope to go through the place together and get a better idea of what they did and where we can pick up some of their ideas.

5. Nathan Rambo should be moving up there this week as the snow is melting out fairly well. He will act as security and keep the gate locked.

6. Every Saturday I am hosting a tour for interested people to get the vision of what this place can and will become. It will begin at 10am at the place. Have anyone you invite call me so I know they are coming.

7. Financially, we have received or have pledged $60,000. We hope to see that increase alot this week.

8. The grant writer wrote today and said that he is applying to 60 -70 foundations on our behalf. He said that he would not take our project if he did not think that he could raise the total amount. But is not sure that it could be done before the May 31 deadline.

Lastly, we are in the position to only trust God to bring in all the funds even though He will probably use us in the process, so let us all keep it before the Lord everyday in focused prayer. I really believe that thousands of young people will be directly affected by the ministry training that they will receive at the ranch and many more will hear the Gospel because of their word.


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