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February 2011 Update

Three Trails Ranch – Update
Feb. 3, 2011
   Since our last report and open house barbecue in August, 2010 a lot more construction has taken place with the building and the infrastructure. According to our main contractor, Dave Pearson, who expects the Staff House to be finished with final inspection by March 15. The Bunk House with the new bathrooms and the Dining Hall kitchen should be finished by May 1. Then, we will return to the digging and installation of the electrical, water and septic infrastructure. And possibly by Sept 1, we may have the place finished enough to become operational.
Here are the latest parts of the Ranch puzzle getting done:
Staff House (Main Lodge)
 - The third floor was insulated: R 49 ceiling and R 23 in the walls.
 - Finished painting the third floor and second floor office.
 - Tomorrow, the shelving will be installed – 3rd floor.
 - The interior doors and finish wood has been delivered, soon to be installed.
 - The walkway to the Hallway building from the Staff House has been built.
 - The outside third floor stairs down to the second floor walkway are almost finished.
 - The new 1 ½ inch water line has already been plumbed into the building.
 - The eastern second story deck is finished.
 - The aspen paneling is soon to be installed in the office.
 - Linda and Luann are looking for the right carpet to be installed in three weeks.
Bunk House
 - The walkways have been built, stairs soon to follow.
 - The sheetrock ceilings have been installed, soon to be painted.
 - The upper ceiling was insulated R49 and the bathroom walls – R23
 - The new metal roof was installed.
 - The interior pine walls were installed on the bottom floor, soon to be installed on the top
 - Plumbing in process in the bathrooms
Hotel (Adult Lodge) 48 rooms                                                                                         
 - Two full length concrete footers have been poured to support the pony walls, which will 
    level and provide great support, done by next week.
Dining Hall Kitchen -  We will start this project in earnest after the Bunk House and Staff
House are done.
Electrical System
 - Before the snow, we laid 480 feet of line to the Hotel and 100 feet to the Staff House.

Water System
 - Six 1800 gal, cisterns have been installed.
 - 200 feet of 2 inch black poly 200 psi water line has been installed with all the valves.
 - 80 feet of 1 ½ inch line has been installed and plumbed into the Staff House.
 - One fire hydrant was installed that sucks water from the bottom of the pond. It is the only    
    hydrant in the Lemon Dam area and will be available to fight forest fires up to ½ mile  
    away as well as used by the fire department for fighting residential fires in the area.
Septic System –  We hope to start in June.
Finances: So far, so good. But by June, we will be looking at the last part that was raised.
If necessary, we may need to raise additional funds.
   We appreciate your prayers for wisdom with all the details of this huge project and how we should use the last of the funds. This is really God’s project that needs to be done is God’s way. So we are rebuilding foundations, taking no shortcuts and making everything as safe and as beautiful as possible. We expect God to do great things in lives of many people that will come to this place.
   Our next Open House Barbecue/Potluck will be Saturday, June 11, from 1 pm to 8:30pm. We hope you can join us for a good look at what God is doing at Three Trails Ranch. 
   We would like to thank the very large team of people that have given financially, prayed or volunteered to help put this Great Commission Discipleship Ranch into reality.

To God be the Glory,
Russ Akins – 970-259-5768

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