Thursday, January 26, 2012

June 2011 Update

Three Trails Ranch – Update
June 2, 2011
   Finally, the snow and mud are gone, so we are getting ready to begin digging to install electrical lines, a water system and the septic system. Since our last update Feb.3rd, the Main Lodge has received a permanent Certificate of Occupancy (CO), which allows us to open it for smaller groups to use for ministry starting sometime this fall. This is a major milestone for this large project. We used the Main Lodge for our MPM Staff Retreat with 15 adults and 9 kids, and everything worked great.  This summer, two weddings will be taking place using this lodge. We also have three volunteer work groups coming from Arkansas, Louisiana and central Colorado.
    Another big issue was to save the Hotel, a $750,000 building, which finally happened with the new pony walls and grouting of all the concrete block walls. Now the Hotel is on a firm foundation, leveled, with a new truss system and roof. The Hotel at this point is around 70% finished and ready for use.
   We have been working on the Bunk House which is 85% finished on the sleeping part. The new attached bathrooms are around 50% done. Next week, the inside painting will begin, the showers stalls have also been installed. The Dining Hall kitchen is around 30% done. Our goal is to get all the infrastructure working so that we can use the Main Lodge, Bunk House and Dining Hall by this Fall.
   Please do not forget that we are doing another great “come and see” potluck/barbecue at the ranch June 11, from 1-9pm. MPM will bring the meat and drink for the barbecue. Please bring a side dish or dessert. This will be another good time of fellowship and looking at what God is doing to prepare a great ministry tool that will effect thousands of people for Christ. We will be doing tours and explaining the progress.
   To get to the ranch, go to the Lemon Dam and then go to the large sign on the right that says, Sierra Verde Estates; then turn right and go up the mountain for 2 miles to the ranch driveway which says 2038. Cross the bridge and park in the large parking lot on the right.
   We hope to see you at the barbecue. We are trusting God to continue to do great things here at Three Trails Ranch,
And, please forward this update onto anyone else that you think is interested in the purposes of this ministry ranch.
Russ & Linda Akins

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