Thursday, January 26, 2012

October 2009 Update

Three Trails Ranch – Progress Report 
October Update – 09
   Each day there is progress, but it is a huge project. I think that most of the surprises of what has to be fixed is over. I have come to conclude that this place must have all the infrastructure redone which includes the water system, septic system, phone lines, electrical service, commercial kitchen and all the buildings brought up to code. It is quite the challenge and winter is coming soon, which will shut down all the outside work. 
Here is some of what has happened in the last month:
  • We have stained three of the five buildings. It took 100 gallons.
I will need to order another 100 gallons to finish.
  • We bought two 40 foot zercon storage containers so that we could organize all the building materials and tools that were scattered everywhere in various places. For example, we now know where all the plumbing parts can be found, etc.etc. This will allow us to be a lot more effective and to use what we already have.
  • We just completed the water diversion dam on the creek that gives us all our water and will help us to preserve our precious water rights. It took 16 yards of concrete, two head gates and is now hooked up to the pipe that will bring the water to our larger pond.
  • The pond is presently empty so that we can clean and expand it to hold more water. We have taken 500 yards of dark rich sediment soil out and will probably take out another 500 yards before refilling the pond, which we hope to do soon so that we can play hockey and broomball with the college students this winter. What a great evangelistic tool that will be for our students to invite new people.
  • We finally got the repair permit for the Hotel (the adult guest house), so we have just done the first pour which took 21 yards of concrete. We will need to do 5 more sequential concrete pours, which we hope to do in November.
  • Steve Burch, the vehicle mechanic has now resurrected a total of 6 vehicles; they are all running including three buses.
Thanks for believing and praying that God can build this place into a Great Commission Discipleship Center that will be able to train and sent Christians to spiritually multiply around the world. Please see the attached pictures.
Sincerely in Christ,
Russ Akins

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