Thursday, January 26, 2012

August 2010 Update

Three Trails Ranch – Update
August 1, 2010
   Before the summer gets away, we are having an OPEN HOUSE FREE BARBECUE up at the ranch on Saturday, August 21 from 1pm to 8:30 pm. Serving will begin at 5pm near the Dining Hall. Master Plan will supply the meat and drink. If you would like to help, please bring a side dish of your choosing and it will be a great picnic with lots of great conversation and fellowship.
   At the barbecue, even though it is a construction zone, you can walk around and see the progress or take a tour and hear the details explained.
Our next large construction goal is to finish the Main Lodge (Staff House), the Dining Hall with the commercial kitchen and the Bunkhouse that sleeps 60 by Thanksgiving. We also need to 
install the new water treatment system, the septic system and the new electrical system. When this happens, we can become operational.
Bunk House Bathrooms have been framed with all the interior walls, and this week, we hope to install the roof trusses, sheeting and get the roof dried in and ready for the metal roof.
The electrician has begun the wiring on both floors.
The pond, which is the Ranch water supply, has been cleaned of all the old muck and debris from the last 30-50 years, which looks like it will double the water capacity. We have installed a large pre-filter concrete box which is the first of three filters that the water will go through. We expect to start filling the pond later this week. We are also installing a water weir that will measure our water rights.
The new 800 amp electrical service was installed underground in June. Our next step is to lay new cable to all the buildings and install the large electrical panel which will be indoors.
The large septic system was approved for construction by San Juan Health. We will begin as soon as possible.
As you can imagine, this is a huge project with great potential and vision. We are building this place to outlive us and be a fully functional Great Commission Training/discipleship facility that God can use to train and encourage authentic Christians to take the Gospel of Christ to many parts of the USA and the world. Please see the attached purpose statement.
We hope that you can join us for the barbecue in three weeks. If you have not been to the ranch yet, go to the Lemon Dam and go up Lemon Dam Road until you see a large sign on the right which says Sierra Verde Estates. Take that road for two miles which will go though a small subdivision. The ranch address is: 2038, which is prominently displayed. The gate is closed because of livestock. Just come on in and close the gate behind you. There is a large parking lot on the right. The ranch phone is 259-2354.
Sincerely in Christ,
Russ & Linda Akins, Master Plan Ministries,  970-259-5768

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