Thursday, January 26, 2012

May 2009 Update

Dear Praying Crew,

Here is the latest news on the developing story of Three Trails Ranch.

1. Last week, I took Roy Brown, Brown Brothers Consturction up to see the place. He wants to do the Septic systems and the water system.
Roy is a great Christian man; I have worked with him on several large projects as Cascade Lodge.

2. Gerry, I had Roy look at the pond as to expanding and deeping the pond with an excavator. Roy did not think he would have a problem getting his machinery in place and adding 25% more volumn to the far end of the pond.

3. I took pictures of the cracked hotel foundation and showed them to Nathan Zick, a concrete contractor, who thinks we can pull out the old blocks and replace it with a poured wall. Dave Pearson was talking about 
pouring at least two footers lengthwise and putting up  "pony" walls to secure the building before doing the cracked foundation. I am sure this will take alot more thinking and good organization and maybe a few jacks.

4. Nathan Rambo is now living up there in the staff house. The gate is locked when Nathan is not there. This seems to be working out just fine.

5. We received the Appraisal finally - here are the figures:
    - As is - $915,000
    - Once it is fixed up - $ 1,515,000

   We have presently received $61,000.

6. Nate and I continue to talk share the project with people from across the country and in Durango. We have gotten the word out to alot of places and have talked with a number of people that could help in a big way if God works on their heart and mind. Please continue to pray for God to make His will easily seen. The Grant writer is also writing on our behalf to many foundations for one million dollars.

7. This week-end is the May Men's retreat up at Cascade Lodge Friday night and all day on Saturday ending around 9pm. It will be on sex, money and power. We are expecting 60-80 men. Please join us if you can.

For God's glory and future eternal fruit,

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