Thursday, January 26, 2012

March 2009 Update

Dear Everyone,

This last week ( March 22-28) has added a few more things.

1. The Code office has given permission for Nathan Rambo to stay in the Staff House, He will act as security and keep the gate closed and locked, so that no one can just drive in and poke around. This is needed.

2. On the 25th, MPM and 4 to 4 Ministries did sign an agreement to purchase the property pending MPM ability to raise the $1,000,000 by May 31, 2009. Gerry McDaniel was very helpful in this. Thanks, Gerry.

3. Nate and I have mailed out nearly 400 info packets to possible supporters around the country. Everyone is excited about the possibility that we have talked with and thinks that we should get this place. The money is just beginning to come in. If anyone needs more packets to share with others, please let me know. I will get them to you soon.

4. On Saturday, I took two appraisers up to do a walk through of the property. They asked alot of questions and were quite surprised as to what they saw. In two weeks, we should have the appraisal.

5. Nate is working on a Power Point presentation for churches. Two churches have asked for a presentation.

6. There is a growing interest for people to go up and see the place, which is quite visionary. So I am setting up the first tour on Saturday,
April 11th at 10am. If you know of people that you would like to expose to the place, tell them to call me or be at the entrance at 10am.

7. Both of our websites are finished and operational. If you have not seen them yet: and 

In conclusion, please continue pray for Nate and  I and several other people that are helping us to raise the needed finances. 

Russ Akins

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