Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Key Projects & Costs

Key Projects & Costs
In July, 2009, Master Plan Ministries was able to purchase the Ranch free and clear with the help of many important donors. At this point, we have spent over $600,000 in renovating five buildings. Our immediate goal is to get the Main Lodge, Dining Hall and the Bunk House operational so that we could begin to 
use the Ranch for its intended ministry purposes. We will also need to complete the water system and the septic fields. All of these objectives can be done by the end of summer, 2012. 
 Once the ranch is operational, we will finish the 24 room Alpine Lodge and build the Assembly building.
We are looking for more interested donors that can help with these projects.
Below are listed the major projects and the estimated costs:

The Main Lodge has received a certificate of occupancy and can be used for small groups. It is fully functional even though we are doing some finish work. The cost to finish and equip is approximately $5,000.
Dinning Hall Kitchen to this point has been renovated with new electrical work, hydronic heating, roof truss strengthening, ceiling insulation, drywall, painting, lighting, septic tanks, new water line and related plumbing. To become operational, we need to install the ceiling hoods, ansul systems, electrical and propane stoves, sinks, dish washing system, counters, tables, boiler – hot water system and insulation. The estimated cost is $13,000.
Bunk House has been improved with both a men’s and women’s bathrooms, new interior walls, new roof trusses and roof, lighting, heating system, drywall, painting, new water line, tile floors as well as new walkways and handicap bathroom facilities.
What is needed is all the bathroom equipment: counters, sinks, toilets, stalls, urinals, mirrors, boiler, hot water system clothes washing tubs, handicap ramp,  second set of stairs to the top level, 35 bunk beds and mattresses and 5-7 second hand couches.  Estimated cost to finish $16,500.
Septic System for the Dining Hall and Bunk House needs only the completion of two septic fields. Estimated cost: $12,000
Water System has also had a lot of work. All the cisterns are in place, most of the water line has been installed. To finish, we will construct a water treatment building 12 feet x 16 feet to hold all the treatment equipment, pumps, and pressure tanks. Cost to finish: $22,500.
Total necessary to raise to become operational is $69,000.
After we finish the above projects, we can open the ranch for its intended ministry purposes. Then we will continue to renovating process and other listed projects.
Alpine Lodge has 24 hotel-like rooms, two levels and will be an excellent building for major retreats and conferences. We have already improved the foundations, build two large full length pony walls, leveled the building, put new electrical, new heating, painting, new railing and walkways, new roof trusses and roof were completed as well as a new water line installed.

The building needs to have all 24 rooms renovated and insulated, septic field including a 2000gal septic tank and a bio tank, plumbing re-done. Estimated cost is $100,000.
New Assembly Building is in the planning stages. The need is for larger meeting rooms. Presently, the largest meeting room is the Dinning Hall which can only accommodate 70-80 at best. We will need a large room that could seat 200 with a large kitchenette. Then we would need several more rooms that could seat 20-50 each.
This building will house the walk in basement which would be the recreational center of the ranch, the ground floor would the large room with kitchenette that could seat 200 people, and top floor would have smaller rooms for smaller groups. The estimated cost is $400,000
Land acquisition : There are two parcels of land that would truly fit with the ranch and its purposes. Both would open up a lot more access to the adjoining forest for hiking and many recreational opportunities.
Parcel # 1 is approximately 60 acres south of the Ranch, which has three larger ponds and mountain grasslands that could be used for boating, swimming, fishing and horses.  Cost to be negotiated.
Parcel # 2 is approximately 35 acres east of the Ranch which is heavily timbered with lots of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.
Cost to be negotiated.

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